Quiz Resources

Have a look at some of the quiz resources we have put together for you to help make your night a roaring success.

Bradley Cole has kindly offered to share the quiz he organised to help you with your planning.  Brad's Quiz Questions can be downloaded HERE.  The answer sheet is available HERE.

If you have a venue that has access to audio and visual equipment, download the quiz put together by Virgin Money Giving.  This quiz has music already built into the powerpoint and all you will need to do is hook it up and get the ball rolling.

Display Version Instructions

Display Version Quiz Questions

Display Version Quiz Contestant Answer Sheet (Print these for each team)

The same quiz is available in a printable version below.

Printable Version Instrictions

Printable Version Quiz Questions and Answer sheet (For the hosts eye's only)

Printable Version Quiz Contestant Answers Sheet (Print these for each team)