About Phab

 About Phab

The first Phab project began in 1957, and for over  60 years the charity has inspired and supported disabled and non-disabled children, young people and adults to make more of life together 

Phab enables children, young people and adults of all abilities to make more of life together - breaking down community barriers, reducing social isolation, and creating opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy the same activities and challenges side by side. 

Local Phab Clubs 

150 Phab Clubs across England and Wales, with over 8,000 members, enable children, young people and adults with disabilities to get together with friends and family for all kinds of activities and social events.  Run by local volunteers and welcoming members whatever their ability, Phab Clubs make a real difference to the lives of all involved.   And regional and national events organised by Phab bring Clubs and their members together to share experiences, support each other and just have great fun. 


Phab's BBC Lifeline Appeal 

Anita Dobson  presented a Lifeline Appeal on the BBC, watch the video by clicking the link below:


To see more of our work , please watch the films on this link



Working with Schools and University students

Phab has a successful history of engaging with young people as volunteers.  Phab Clubs have been set up by students at Universities in Nottingham, Warwick, Birmingham, and Bristol,

Phab is working closely with schools to develop new Phab Clubs on site, hosted by students for their guests with the support of the school staff.

This is part of a long-term programme to give many more disabled people the opportunity for regular social activities and friendship and widening the horizons of guests and hosts alike - fulfilling Phab’s aim of enabling people  who are disabled and non-disabled  to make more of life together.

We are proud to be involved in the Schools that have set  up and run  Phab Clubs or holiday projects run by their students include Westminster School, Merchant Taylors’ and St. Helen’s Schools in Middlesex, Aldenham School, and  Eton College where students are running a new Phab Club with students from Heathfield School in Ascot and Eden School in Slough. 

LATEST NEWS!  - We have just opened  clubs in Sydenham High School, in London, also Framlingham College in Suffolk and many more to come.

To Read more about our work in schools please visit this link