Gaming Marathon



Take part in a gaming marathon to raise funds for PhabKids. 

  1. Sign up and create a fundraising page
  2. Set a date for your gaming marathon
  3. Gather your squad or go it alone
  4. Stream your marathon and get sponsorship

Broadcast while you play by using one of the following applications:


  • Level up your profile - Add an image, complete your story and set your event date.
  • Set a target - Aim high and keep your friends and family posted on how close you are to reach your goal!
  • Link your Twitch - Connect your Twitch account to your fundraising page so people can watch and donate to you seamlessly.
  • Back yourself - Kick-start your fundraising by donating to yourself. It’s a great way to begin your fundraising!
  • Gather your squad - Ask your mates to join you in the challenge or rally them round to cheer you on (and make a donation or two).
  • Forfeits - Think of fun ways to help donations roll in and the hours fly by. Ask your mates what dare they’d like you to do in exchange for a donation during your stream. Fancy dress or funny dancing is always a winner.
  • Re-think the subathon - If you don’t want to take on the full 24-hour challenge. Push for donations rather than subs and add another 15 or 30 minutes to your stream every time someone donates.
  • Spread the word - Let everyone know when the countdown to your heroic challenge has begun by using our social media badges and sharing your page on your social media channels.
  • Shout about how your epic gaming mission will raise money for PhabKids!