We are determined to give our runners the very best support in every area and that includes one of the most important – training. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of our friends at who have provided us with some essential articles covering the key training issues. Just click on any of the headlines to access the relevant information.

Ian Tilley who will be running his 20th consecutive London Marthon for Phabkids said this about Graeme Hilditch's training plans.  Click here to see Graeme's video 

"The attached info on the "last 9 weeks" is very good sound advice. From a complete novice to an experienced seasoned runner the contents on preparation to run a marathon is laid out on just 4 pages that is easy to understand and has all the key ingredients to get you through the race unscathed.
The most important points for me was how to reduce the risk of injuries and not to panic if you are behind with your training.
Our Bodies are not machines, and sometimes just getting a cold can hold you back for weeks.
Please pass on my comments on the Graeme Hilditch  and a thanks from me.
Kind Regards