Frequently Asked Questions

London Marathon

Should I apply through the ballot as well as applying for a Golden Bond place?

When do I get my runners pack?

If I sustain an injury prior to the race am I committed to still send the minimum amount pledged?

If I sustain an injury and have to withdraw will I automatically be allocated a Golden Bond place for the following year?

Do Phab have a post race meeting point on race day?

Can Phab help with accommodation?

When do Phab require sponsorship money in by?

Do Phab supply running vests?

When, where and how do I register?

Can Phab supply collection boxes?

How do I fundraise?

Can my sponsors pay by credit card or debit card?

Can Phab supply me with a letter of authority?

If I raise some or all my sponsorship via an on line fundraising page , is the 25% Gift Aid considered to be part of the pledge?

Is it OK to put sponsors logos on my own vest/T-shirt?

Should I put my name on my running vest.

To whom do I make my sponsorship cheques payable?


Do I need a professional training plan?

How long would it take to train to run a marathon?

Why do I need to warm-up before I run?

So how do I warm-up?

Why do I need to do a cool-down and stretch after my run?

Is there benefit in using a heart rate monitor?

What exactly is cross-training?