Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019

Sunday, 13th October 2019

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon


In spite of the rain and wallowing in the mud of Hyde Park at the start and finishing line of this great Half Marathon on 13th October, our Phab runners were all smiles as they collected their medals. 


Those runners included Amy (above) who has not only run a total of five Half Marathons for Phab, as well as a full London Marathon, but has also been volunteering on our very special holiday projects for the past eight years and was a volunteer at Warwick Youth Phab Club when at university.  She certainly deserves that medal!


As indeed do all our runners, including Malcolm sporting a very fetching green wig who has been a great supporter of Phab for many years and will be running in the London Marathon next year, and Will who was running for St. Helen’s Phab Club.   (Will and Malcolm are both pictured below along with Janine Williams, Phab’s Challenge Events Manager.)


And for the first time this year we had a group of runners from Eton End Primary School, calling themselves the Eton End Misses, and we are most grateful to them and all our runners – not just for the amazing funds they have raised for Phab but for their enthusiasm and, in those conditions, their fortitude!